For TfL to ignore its own consultation result would be a dereliction of duty

Date: 21 Jun, 2016
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In response to Michèle Dix saying Transport for London “will try to appease campaigners, but Crossrail 2 decision is not a referendum”, Chair of the No Crossrail in Chelsea campaign, Chris Lenon, commented:

“Michèle Dix is of course correct that the recent consultation on a Crossrail 2 station on the King’s Road was not a referendum. But it was a consultation and one in which the public overwhelmingly rejected the proposal.

“The message from the consultation was very clear. People oppose a Crossrail 2 station on the King’s Road. They don’t have ‘concerns’ to be addressed by tweaking the proposal, they just don’t want a station.

“The scale of response to the consultation and level of opposition to the King’s Road proposal was very large for a public consultation. To quote GLA member Caroline Pidgeon:

‘The consultation result did show an overwhelming level of opposition to having a station in the area and it would be very wrong to ignore such a clear expression of public opinion. To do so would call into question the value of holding a consultation exercise and undermine the legitimacy of the scheme.’

“If the consultation process is to have validity, then the result needs to be taken on board by TfL. To ignore them would be a dereliction of duty.”


TFL consulted on the proposed station site for three months up to 8 January 2016. The total number of respondents was 20,916 for the whole of the route. There were 9,822 respondents on the King’s Road station – 47 per cent of the total. The next largest number of responses on a station was on Balham (4,024).

90 per cent of the respondents on the King’s Road (8,797) opposed the station proposal out of the 9822 that responded.

Within Chelsea (the SW3 and SW10 postcodes) there were 4,205 respondents of which 4,001, or 95 per cent, opposed the station. Only 204 respondents in Chelsea supported the station.