RBKC Map showing location of 3500 homes “supported ” by Crossrail station on King’s Road

Date: 23 Aug, 2016

This is the map provided by RBKC in answer to a Freedom of Information request.

Crossrail 2 - Development to 2070

RBKC stated:

“The Council is very supportive of Crossrail 2. The scheme could support up to 3,500 new homes in borough over 40 years, worth up to £6bn in gross development value”.

“I enclose a copy of an aerial photograph showing areas within 800 m and 1km of the station that have potential for development in a desktop study based on their existing height and density. They are not allocated for development and any proposals on these or other sites would need to be the subject of planning applications and the usual considerations at the time. ”

The map shows most of the major social housing in Chelsea as having “potential for development”. The average price of the homes created by development would be £1.7million.

We note:

In its propaganda on Crossrail 2 RBKC has often claimed that a station in the King’s Road would somehow facilitate the construction of new homes in the area.

Recently the Council’s Director of Planning, Graham Stallwood, was more specific. He was quoted as saying that a station would “support” 3500 new homes on publicly owned sites with a value of £6 billion.

We have now established the basis of this claim. Mr Stallwood has confirmed in correspondence with us that it is a purely theoretical assessment of what might happen anyway over the next forty years. He has admitted that “support” does not mean “generate”. There is no suggestion that a Crossrail station would of itself cause these homes to be built. Rather the figure is his guess of the number which might be built with or without the station.

What sort of homes would they be? With a total value of £6 billion they would cost on average £1.7 million each. So they would be luxury apartments in the private sector.

And where might they be built? We have discovered this as well. In response to our Freedom of Information request the Council have been forced to publish a map identifying the sites which they have in mind. The map is shown here. The sites are all social housing estates.

So the Council plans to re-develop some or all of these estates by selling off parts of them to be turned into luxury apartments. And it sees this as a reason for supporting a Crossrail 2 station in the King’s Road.