RBKC advise King’s Road station may be dropped on cost grounds

Date: 15 Nov, 2016

This organisation has contended from the time it was formed 18 months ago that a King’s Road Crossrail 2 station is a complete waste of more than £1 billion of public money which lacks any transport justification or financial basis and fails to meet the criteria upon which Crossrail 2 is based.The National Infrastructure Commission noted this and the overwhelming public opposition to the proposed station.

At the meeting of the Chelsea Society on 7 November the leader of RBKC, Nick Paget-Brown, announced that TfL are required to find savings of more than £4 billion from the Crossrail 2 budget and this saving is likely to be achieved by cutting stations from the budget, the proposed King’s Road station being one of the prime candidates. Mr Paget-Brown reiterated the policy of RBKC that there would not be any large building around the station entrance nor an oversite building which thus served to make any funding for the project even less viable.

He also stated that while the Council is considering providing finance for a station on the Elizabeth line in the north of the borough from the proceeds of land sales in that area, that it would not be providing funding for a station on the King’s Road.

The next TfL consultation on Crossrail 2 is now deferred until Q2 2017 at which time we sincerely hope the unnecessary and wasteful proposed King’s Road station will be dropped entirely.

We shall keep you advised of further developments. We will continue to engage with decision makers.