New Consultation on Crossrail 2 in January 2018

Date: 03 Nov, 2017

According to the minutes of the Programmes and Investment Committee on 13 October 2017 re Item: Crossrail 2

“4.3 Public consultation is critical to the Bill’s development. A consultation round is planned for January 2018, subject to Government approval of the updated SOBC.
It is critical that, as a minimum, consultation is completed to enable the Safeguarding Directive to be updated to reflect the current proposed route, instead of the previous alignment.”

We have asked to see the SOBC (business case for Crossrail 2) which was submitted to the Treasury in March 2017 but this has been refused.
This note means that the route has been changed and that a new route needs to be safeguarded (and the old route un safeguarded).There is no information yet on what the new route is and which previous alignment is replaced.
TFL also indicate that to meet their timetable to present a Hybrid bill in Parliament in 2020, they will need to have a consultation on the new route in January 2018.

We expect an announcement on Crossrail 2 in the Budget later this month and then details of the new route ahead of the Consulatation.