Who We Are

We are a grassroots organisation of people who live and care about Chelsea – a cross section of a lively local community.

We have a huge number of supporters, 10,000 of whom signed our petition against Crossrail in Chelsea. Among them are 80 local businesses, a list of which can be found below.

We have also been grateful for the support of some well known faces.

Our Patrons

William Boyd
Sol Campbell
Trevor Eve
Loyd Grossman
Nicky Haslam
Felicity Kendal
Mark Knopfler
Cherie Lunghi
Nancy Dell’Olio
Sir Alan Parker
Hugo Taylor
Georgia Toffolo

Our Businesses

Diana Lank, Owner Ad Hoc
Adam Pogonowski, Owner Adam Pogonowski
Allison Rodger, Owner Allison Rodger Designs Ltd
Amaia Demerlis, Owner Amaia
Andreas Georghiou, Owner Andreas
Angelo Gibson, Owner Angelo Gibson
Angelo Casdagno, Owner Angelo Tailors
Anthony Hemmings, Owner Anthony John Hemmings
Gail Steele, Manager Auerbach & Steele
Bernard Chauchet, Owner Bernard Chauchet Contemporary Art
Ian Towning, Owner Bourbon Hanby
Said Cyrus, Owner Catherine Walker
Liudmila Graciova, Supervisor Chelsea Day Spa
Mrs Varda, Manager Chelsea Eye Centre
Rex Goldsmith, Owner Chelsea Fishmonger
Bllie Tossoun, Owner Chelsea Green Laundry
Paul Feldman, Owner Chelsea Green Pharmacy
Bllie Tossoun, Owner Chelsea Green Valet
S A Newton, Owner Chelsea Lighting Design
B Patel, Owner Chelsea Pharmacy
Paul Dowling, Owner Classic Prints
Mira Sadi, Manager Consept
Leila Moghadam, Director Dragons of Walton Street
Fleur Bird, Owner Fleur B
Eliza Poklenwski Koziell, Owner Felt
Julia Bannister, Owner Finns
Gita Raja, Manager Footopia
Pankaj Patel, Owner Fulham News
Rufus Achille Albanese, Owner Geales Restaurant
Roddy Baldwin, Director Green and Stone
Kelly Gittins, Manager Hari’s Hair & Beauty
H Hemmings, Owner Heather Hemmings
E. Kharodia, Owner I T Lloyds
Suteanu Florentina, Manager Igloo Kids Clothing
Adrian Spurdon, Manager India Jane
J Osborne, Owner J Osborne Flowers
J Clampton, Manager Jago Butcher
Jane Taylor, Owner Jane Taylor London
O Banar, Owner JJ Williams
John McFalbe, Manager John Sandoe Books
John Tomlinson, Owner John Tomlinson
Tariq Ayub, Manager Joy Optical
Tamas Varadi, Assistant Manager L’Eto Café
Michele Damiano ,Owner La Delizia Restaurant
Sue Barnes, Managing Director Lavender Green Flowers
Umberto Salon, Managing Director Lema UK
Lili Gardner, Owner Lili Gardner
Lucie Rydlova, Owner Lucie Rydlova
Sarah Mahaffy, Owner Maharani
Michael Hoppen, Owner Michael Hoppen Gallery
Marius Stalioraitis, Manager My Old Dutch Restaurant
Ann-Le Nguyen, Manager Nail Boutique
Patrick Alvarado, Partner Nicolas Van Patrick Estate Agents
Oliver Borrow, Manager Oliver Borrow’s
J Osborne, Owner Osborne Flowers
Patrick Baty, Manager Paper and Paints
Maxime Holder, Franchise Owner Paul
Phillipa Lepley, Owner Philippa Lepley
Paul Headford, Manager Pie Man
George Khachfe, CEO Poliform
Production Manager Chelsea Proud Galleries
Freddy Simpson, Manager Queen’s Head Public House
Richard Lehane, Owner Raker UK
Ivana Vykavcova, Manager Revital
Jake Russell, Director Russell Simpson
Sayed Mirha, Manager Ryman’s
Emmanuel Kra, Owner Saint Esprit
H Schumi, Manager Schumi Hairdresser
Lorraine Fraser, Owner Sign of the Times
Danny Lavello, Owner Sloane Flowers
T Thomas, Owner Snappy Snaps
Nick Alloway, Manager Sue Norman
Simone Smith, Manager Sydney House Chelsea Hotel
Rob Conghlin, Owner The Flower Yard
Jit Visana, Manager The Paper Shop
Liza Reynolds, General Manager The Phoenix Public House
T N Richards, Owner Timothy Christopher Antiques
Claire Furze, Manager Urban Rites
Moddy Moss, Owner Vanilla Hair
Adam Smith, General Manager William Yeoward
Roberto Colusso, Manager Ziani’s Restaurant

Steering Committee

Christopher Lenon (Chairman)

Jennifer Grossman

John Hicks

Paul Lever

Marina Murray

Glllespie Robertson